Fleurieu Contractors is a family.


We are a group of young and diverse people that devote our time to creating something special to share with each and every one of you.


We are result orientated and focus on providing the best services that you need. 

We all make up what is Fleurieu Contractors and are proud to be apart of such a phenomenal team. 

Ben Payne

Owner / Director / Contractor

Being a part of the industry for over 6 years, Ben specialises in Machine Operating, Viticulture, Horticulture, Olive Grove Management, pruning and pressing. At such a young age Ben has accomplished so much and has proven to go above and beyond for not only his employees and customers, but his friends, family and even strangers.

Lucy Grimwood

Office Manager / Marketing Manager

Only recently making her way into the industry, Lucy specialises in Marketing, Website Functionality, Office Administration and being the much appreciated coffee supplier during the long and difficult months of harvest.

Zac Arnold

Contractor / Fabrication

Being in the industry for over 10 years, Zac specialises in Machine Operating, Mechanical Servicing, Repairs, Labouring, Agriculture and Horticulture. Clever and extremely honest, Zacs laid-back country attributes demonstrates that he’ll always be there to lend a helping hand, especially to his fellow team mates and customers. 

Mark Payne
Recovery / Truck Driver


Being a part of the industry for 35 years now, Mark specialises in Welding, Machine Recovery and Repairs. Keen to be outdoors, Mark is always ready to be by your side when you need a hand or even just a laugh. Mark is an extremely important part of the Fleurieu team and we’re glad he’s involved with a growing business. 

Tash McMahon
Contractor / Truck Driver


Being a part of the industry for 2 years now, Tash specialises in Truck Operations, Tractor Driving and Pruning. While she studies full time, Tash is always ready to be out in the truck or on the grove. Tash is an extremely important part of the Fleurieu team and even though she hasn't been with us for long, we're glad to have her.

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