Yundi Olives is a new Olive Oil brand that was launched in 2017 during the olive harvest season. Specialising in flavoured oils, we crush the fruit together to get a delicious burst of flavour that you won’t find anywhere else. Each season we experiment with new fruits to bring you a remarkable flavoured oil.


Our oils use nothing but the best Frantoio, Mediterranean and Verdale fruit from our groves that are located around the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. Our main grove being located at Yundi.

We also use the finest of fruit, that are carefully selected for the flavouring from within Australia. The Lemons coming from our very own Loxton in South Australia, Garlic from some of the best growers in New South Wales and Chilli from Thorpdale in Victoria. We believe using the fruit completely from Australia will bring an outstanding flavour that makes us proud.


At Yundi Olives we are the only Fleuireu Pennisula oil brand that can say we follow our fruit from the very beginning of just flowers, to the very end of pressing and bottling. Not many growers have the ability to operate and press their own fruit. We have an understanding to bring you only the best and believe that this is done by being with our fruit every step of the way.


Currently we have released a range of various oils. A rich in flavour Olive Oil, A beautifully tangy Lemon Oil, A Chilli Oil to add a little kick to your cooking and a tasty Garlic Oil. Each oil highlights their flavoured fruit and is a great addition to any kitchen. 

Our Retailers

Harvest The Fleurieu - Mount Compass

Cape Jervis General Store - Cape Jervis

Fleurieu Information Centre - McLaren Vale

Meat at the Mount Butchers - Mount Compass


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Blessed Cheese Café

Cape Jervis Tavern Kitchen
The Australian Olive Company

Divine Food & Wine Wholesalers

McLaren Vale Function Centre Kitchen